Public Transport and Google Maps in Greater Tokyo

Google Maps in Tokyo

Using Google Maps via smartphone helps one navigate the world’s most extensive urban rail network here in Greater Tokyo…especially since there are not many signs in English. The trains are also always on time, which can be helpful for identifying which track and train to go to. But, every once in a while, I wish the trains in Tokyo were not on time. This is a hidden benefit of trains (and buses) being late…that I took for granted back in Philly!

4 thoughts on “Public Transport and Google Maps in Greater Tokyo

  1. It’s pretty good actually – every 15 to 30 mins for trains to Ueno. But, the last train from Ueno to Kuki is 11:34 PM so that means e.g. one should leave from wherever they are downtown on the weekend by around 10:30 PM. I am kind of surprised the Tokyo train system does not keep running longer into night.


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